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You know you're....

You know you're addicted to raves when:

you carry plushies with you everywhere "just in case";
you keep old glowsticks for the memory;
you know that if you freeze glowsticks they'll last longer;
you have a favorite binky and you're older than 3 years old;
you look at every childs pacifier and think "that would look great
with my ____ outfit";
you wear at least 4 pieces of kandee bracelets on a light day;
you've made your own raver pants;
you know at least one person with a "club name"...and you don't know
their real name;
you know the difference between a candy kid and a graver, and you know
why jungle kids won't talk to them;
you can defend the use of e at a rave...logically...while rolling;
you've taken care of at least one newbie/ebaby;
you know that ring pops are the best thing on the planet;
you know that Groove is Raver 101 and make all your friends watch it
before taking them to a party;
you wish you were old enough for the club kid scene in NYC;
you've been to parties in more than 2 states;
you can name all the clubs you've even been to;
you've met people at parties and brought them home just to hang out;
you've stayed awake for more than 48 hours;
you've made lasting friendships starting with one rave;
you actually get this and pass it on. :)
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